Products and services


Complex prototypes on extremely short lead times.
  • Fast prototype deliveries offer our customers a significant competitive edge in the ramp-up phase of new products.
  • Close co-operation with the customer’s R&D team allows changes even during the manufacturing process.
  • We also provide a DFM service to help find the best possible machining solutions.



Heat sinks

We are experienced manufacturer of extruded lamella heat sinks.
  • We tailor make heat sinks for a defined purpose and performance using the most cost-effective manufacturing technique.
  • Heat sinks are available in any size or shape, defined solely by customer imagination and specification.

Liquid coolers

Innovative liquid cooling solutions.
  • We can offer maximum cooling power with minimum costs.
  • We have wide range of manufacturing methods, heat and flow simulation services and pressure testing.



Laser welding

Savings in terms of material, manufacturing time and product cost.
  • This new generation manufacturing method is dramatically (radically) changing heatsink design.
  • Our laser welding capability is the result of our own internal development work and provides our customers with a significant competitive edge.

Telecommunication components

We have extensive experience manufacturing HF and signal processing devices.

In addition to the housing manufacture, we offer many surface finishing options, coatings, sealing solutions and pre-assembly services.




We are able to machine different sizes of sand and high pressure die castings.

With the support of our subcontractors we can also supply fully machined castings.