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Hollmén & Co

Our company policy is to satisfy our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Our strength is to supply challenging prototype parts in extremely short lead times.

Our continuous investment in equipment and process improvements ensures our customers a competitive edge.

Serving customers professionally

Our professional and helpful staff will produce even the most complex of designs, in the shortest possible lead time and without compromising on quality.


Core services

  • Machining of metal and plastic parts with no restrictions on the batch size.
  • Laser welding.
  • Raw materials;
    – sawn block (max 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.0m)
    – extruded profile
    – die castings


Additional services

  • Vibratory deburring, shot blasting, pin tumbling and ultra-sonic washing
  • Gasget dispensing a.k.a. FIP (e.g EMI and IP)
  • Mechanical sub assemblies
  • Cold pressing of heat sinks
  • Liquid coolers, including assembly
  • Dynamic and static pressure testing
  • Heat pipe assemblies
  • Heat and liquid flow simulations


Surface treatments

  • Anodising
  • Plated surface finishes
  • Painting
  • Legend printing



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Juha Haaslahti
Juha Haaslahti

CEO and Technical Sales

+358 40 582 4272

Sami Latva-Risku
Sami Latva-Risku

Sales Director

+358 40 503 0424

Tomi Prihti
Tomi Prihti

Sales Manager

+358 44 753 3081

Simon Wright
Simon Wright

Sales Europe

+49 172 718 4384